iPhone & iPad Portfolio

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'Ant and the Grasshopper' - An Interactive Audio Story Book for iPhone and iPad

'Ant and the Grasshopper' is a famous Aesop's Fable, teaching children a valuable lesson about the virtues of hard work and planning for the future and the days of necessity. Read through highly illustrated,polished and attractive Retina High resolution graphics to bring Story to life OR use the build in Play feature to listen to the story in a beautiful light voice. Light background music makes reading/listening experience a memorable one.

'Tipsy Meter' For iPhone and iPod touch

'Tipsy Meter' is a fun, entertaining and attractive application to tell if your 'Tipsy' or not. Even if you are not a 'drunk' still its worth having 'Tipsy Meter' to check your control over your body and to see how stable you really are. It consists of "Walking" and "Stability" test to tell you your level of unstability. 'Tipsy Meter' is a fun application for entertainment and prank purpose only.

Video Frames! For iPhone and iPad

Video Frames is Video and Photo Framing app.You can choose from a variety of frames and insert video,audio and images into the frame to preserve fun and memorable moments and share these moments with your friends.

Vintify For iPhone and iPod touch

Featured in Appstore 'New & Noteworthy' and 'Top 10 Photography Apps'. Make ordinary photos look spectacular! Now you can easily turn your photos into stunning professional snaps and share them with your friends. You can choose from a wide range of Filters, Frames and Effects to turn your photos into professional snaps and to top it all you can add a vintage tint to give your photos that classical renaissance look.

Color Pad for iPad

Color Pad is a fun,creative free style drawing and coloring application which is suitable for both kids and adults. Choose from hundreds of colors to bring your imagination to life. With simple and easy to use interface you can create any kind of picture.

Tap Booth For iPhone and iPad

Tap booth puts the fun of a classic photo booth in the palm of your hand. Create multi-photo strips and add either vintage, black and white, or multi-color filters.


Photo Booth For iPhone and iPad

The Photo Booth is your very own portable Photo Booth that lets you and your friends dress up in crazy costumes and take classic photo booth photos anywhere anytime! .


xMas Tunes

xMas tunes is composed of your favorite 22 Christmas songs tunes. All the songs come with on Screen Lyrics.You can use them to bring the christmas festivities to your home or teach your children how to sing the all time favorite festive christmas songs


Alltom Dubai

Alltom Dubai is Dubai travel guide in swedish.Application gives a complete guide to Dubai Travel including Dubai Maps and Image Galleries.


Dubai Travel

Dubai Travel is a complete Travel guide for Dubai. Application provides a complete travel guide to Dubai including Maps and Image Galleries.


Skindex - Wallpapers, Shelves, and Skins

Skindex for iPad gives you an exclusive selection of designer WALLPAPERS in HD, APP SHELVES, ICON SKINS, NEON combos, SECURITY LOCK screens, rotational backgrounds, and much, much more! .


Abu Dhabi Police E-Services App

Abu Dhabi E-Services is an iPhone Application integrated with an Abu Dhabi Police Portal where subscribers can view news updates, pay their violations, receive notifications, Check Abu Dhabi weather information, check prayer times and other information associated with their Traffic ID

Inspection for iPad

Inspection for iPad is developed for the live inspection in the field and is built upon DataInvent Inspection & Compliance Technology. The application is available as a "stand alone version" for individuals and small businesses and "server version" which can connect to DataInvent Inspection Server Module to download inspection data. 



"MPG FOR FREE" is a gas mileage calculator which allows you to keep track of your car milage and performance.


Stunt Plane

StuntPlane is a reflex action game built using cocos2d. StuntPlane enables you to take control of your plane and perform various adventurous flying maneuvers.Excellent graphics and quick reflex action make this game real fun to play and can keep you engaged for hours

Astronomy 101

Astronomy 101 is your first guide to astronomy. You will learn all about known astronomical objects like supernovas,nebulas,galaxies,pulsars and much more.It is a complete and comprehensive guide and reference about the astronomical objects for Amateur Astronomers and kids alike.With details and imagery ranging from celestial bodies in our own solar system to far corners of the universe. Astronomy 101 is must have application for both quick reference and detail learning.

Alphabet for Kids

If your teaching your child english alphabets then Alphabets For Kids is a must have app.Application Contains large visible english alphabets with individual alphabets sounds and pronunciation. Alphabet song runs in the background for quick learning.

BortaBra - resenyheter, bloggar och resereportage

This is a Swedish Travel News application. Application comes both in Free light version and a paid version.


Foreign policy digest

Foreign Policy Digest is a news and educational resource to help you make sense of current events, international politics, and world affairs.



Aghani is an Arabic Multimedia application featuring some of the famous songs and with music and multimedia options.